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English Book Club

Would you like to brush up your english? Are you interested in discovering classics of british and american literature?

if you feel having a good time sharing, talking and enjoying good books in english, come and join us!



*Es requereix un nivell mig-alt de lectura, comprensió i fluidesa verbal.

Dijous 15 d'Octubre: Normal People - Sally Rooney

Dijous 12 de Novembre: Lincoln in the bardo - George Saunders

Dijous 10 de Desembre: The history of bees - Maja Lunde


WHERE? At Biblioteca Tirant lo Blanc, Montgat


WHEN? Each month, every third Friday at 7 p.m.


ON? A la Biblioteca Tirant lo Blanc, a Montgat.


QUAN? Cada mes, el tercer divendres a les 19h


  • Adultos

Fecha de actualización: 16/10/2020

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