Online Services

Online Procedures

You can do everything you need here, online, without the need to go to the library in person. You can reserve documents and computers, renew loans, request a library card... all just a click away to make it easy for you!

  • Request an appointment with your library
    To make the appointment, select a library and fill the form with your personal data.
    The library will contact with you to confirm day and time.
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  • How to obtain a library card
    The library member card is issued free of charge. Just fill in the form and select a library where you can collect it (you will have to show your ID or passport when you pick up the card at the library).
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  • Check your loans
    You can check your loans and your loan history whenever you want.
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  • Renewing documents
    If you require any documents you have taken out on loan for a longer period, you can request a renewal from your personal space on Aladí – just enter your library card number and PIN to log on.
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  • Reserving documents
    If you need a document that is already out on loan, you can reserve it through Aladí. The library will notify you once the document has been returned so that you can come and pick it up.
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  • Managing your personal space on Aladí
    You can see your information as a library user and all your operations on this catalogue in the "My Account" section. Log on by entering your library card number and PIN.
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  • Generating a new library card PIN
    If you forget your PIN, you can request a new number.
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  • Changing your library card PIN
    If you want to change your PIN, you can do so by logging on to your personal space on Aladí.
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  • Updating your personal information
    You can change or complete your contact information (telephone number and email address) so that we can keep you informed about events at your library.
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  • Internet and +
    This service enables you to reserve a computer to access Internet and use office automation tools. You can also consult a summary of your activities using the Internet and + service online.
    Access procedure (reserve a PC) | Help
    Access procedure (query user activity) | Help
  • Suggest a purchase
    If you need any book or other document currently not found at any library in the Network, you can suggest that the libraries purchase these and add them to the collection.
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  • Suggestions box
    You can use this form to send any comments to the Network of Municipal Libraries.
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