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English reading club

Our English Reading Club is ready to start again... and this year is its 12th!

If you enjoy English literature and would like to meet with other people to talk about books, maybe this is the event you are looking for!

We provide a book every month to all the readers, who meet at the library once they have read it to talk about it. Sessions are moderated by a professional who provides topics for discussion. Attendance is free, but there is limited capacity.

Moderated by Camila Hamil.

Sounds interesting?

Contact us if you want to join in!

(Sessió de presentació)

Dijous 21 de setembre, a les 19:30h


Tuesdays with Morrie de Mitch Albom

Dijous 19 d'octubre a les 19:30h


Coming through slaughter de Michael Ondaatje

Dijous 16 de novembre a les 19:30h


The bloody chamber d'Angela Carter

Dijous 21 de desembre a les 19:30h

  • Adults

Data d'actualització: 11/08/2017

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